Incline Decline Benches

A standard exercise bench is a must for any fitness enthusiast. Flat / Incline/ Decline benches are one of the most important of the benches offered on the market. You can do anything from decline curls, military press, to working with resistance bands. Our Benches make a perfect addition for any lifter from beginner to professional. Fitness Destination carries the exercise bench to fit your needs.

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If you are ready to start a weight lifting routine, or are a seasoned lifter, the most used and versatile piece of equipment you can invest in is a flat, incline, and decline bench. This three- in- one bench requires no assembly and can be easily adjusted. They offer a multitude of options in your weight lifting routines. You can target specific muscles you want to focus on or can allow for an all over workout. You can concentrate on whatever you want to get out of your routine. This bench is perfect for your workout with free weights. You can do your bench press, military press, butterfly and many more. However, most of these benches are not an option for abdominal workouts because of the pad placements. You can find an option for abdominal and core exercise benches on our website. Here are some helpful tips for using the bench in the separate positions: Flat Bench position: One of the many ways you can use this bench is in the flat position. You are able to comfortably lift free weights in this position. It will allow for bench press workouts, pectoral flies, dumbbell kick backs, horizontal French press, ect.

Incline Bench position: With the simple adjustment of the on the bench, you are able to incline this bench anywhere from a flat position up to a ninety degree angle. This is good for incline curls, incline press, one handed standing dumbbell preacher curls (using the backrest as an arm rest), incline flies, military press, and more.

Decline Bench position: When you are ready for more options on your workout, you can adjust the bench in a decline position. This allows you to bench press and target the bottom of your chest in this position.