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extended stride elliptical stepper

Extended Stride Elliptical by Stamina

Extended Stride Elliptical  by Stamina

The Extended Stride Elliptical/Stepper is compact without sacrificing its ability to deliver a thorough and effective workout. The moving handlebars add an upper body workout to your cardiovascular fitness program both in Elliptical Mode and Stepper Mode. In Elliptical Mode, you get a workout that is a unique blend of stair climbing, cycling, skiing, and walking all together in one movement. In forward motion, your quadriceps, buttocks, lower abdominal, hips and thighs are targeted. In reverse motion, your hamstrings, lower buttocks, hips, thighs, and calves are targeted. The Stepper Mode works the same muscle groups with a vertical motion.


  • Compact design to fit in small workout areas
  • 8 levels of smooth magnetic resistance
  • Multi function electronic performance monitor display RPM, speed, time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate
  • Quickly and easily converts from elliptical mode to stepper mode and back
  • Durable steel and aluminum construction

Our Price: $599

List Price: $699

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